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    We do the job right the first time with integrity & professionalism

    Absolute Foundation Repair is a family owned business, where construction services go back three generations. For decades, the McCormick family have been helping homeowners with excavation, utility services, storm water solutions and drainage. Working closely with homeowners over the years, we recognized many were in need of permanent foundation repair solutions. That’s where Absolute Foundation Repair began and continues to help homeowners.

    At Absolute Foundation Repair, we realize it is frustrating and stressful having to deal with a foundation that needs repairs. We work one on one with you to evaluate and find an affordable solution to your foundation problems. We work hard for our customers. We are honest and upfront about all costs and time involved in repairing your foundation. We will be there when we say we are going to be there. We do the job right the first time with integrity and professionalism.

    We use the latest technologies from level surveying, geotechnical soil sampling and engineered pier installation and placement. At Absolute Foundation Repair, our priority is making sure our customers are taken care of. We use the best foundation repair systems on the market. Griptite products have been around for over 95 years. These products are expertly engineered to solve problems related to settling foundations. The pier systems comply with international building codes and come with a 25 year manufacturers warranty. Our repair technicians are Griptite certified installers. We are proud to offer a product backed by years of stability and technology.

    We are here to help you move forward in making a custom repair plan that prevents further damage from occurring. As our homes are one of our greatest investments, we offer you peace of mind as we work together in finding affordable, permanent solutions.


    Our home had water in the basement and problems with cracking sheet rock. We had multiple foundation contractors give us bids in repairing and fixing our foundation. All wanting to go with push piers. Absolute foundation repair suggested soil sampling before moving forward. So glad we had the sampling done. It showed we had heaving soil’s and push peers wasn’t the solution. This saved us thousands of dollars as we were able to fix our home on our own. Dusty helped us by loaning us needed equipment to make some of the repairs. We appreciated his honesty and finding the best way to repair our home.

    Michelle Richens | June 2019

    What a remarkable company! The professionals at Absolute Foundation Repair were able to diagnose not only the problem with my foundation but also problems with both my plumbing and HVAC systems (problems three different plumbers mis-diagnosed). These gentlemen really know their stuff! They were prompt, efficient, courteous, thorough, and honest. I wouldn’t dream of hiring a different team of foundation specialists. I immediately put them on my list of go-to repair professionals, and you should too!

    Meg Sherman | March 2021

    We have a beautiful new home that has had some settling issues. Dusty, Dace, and Josh have helped us through this process, one step at a time. They were willing to drive a pier to give us an idea of how far down bedrock was. This helped us know we were on target with approximate depths. Dusty talked with us about options and helped us stay within our budget. Josh and Dace were considerate during the time our family was home. They kept spaces clean and worked hard. I would definitely recommend absolute foundation repair!

    Glenns | March 2020

    Absolute helped us with a 7 inch lift and stabilization on a home with a full basement. We had a wet winter and spring. They were able to be resourceful and continue working throughout the bad weather. This home had settled because of bad drainage. They were able to come up with a plan to excavate and re-design the landscaping so water will no longer end up around the house.

    EZ Executive | March-April 2019

    Absolute foundation repair has helped us with three unique projects. Each with specific challenges. The first home they helped us with was in bad shape. It required a 9 inch lift and had lots of interior damage. They did the lift and brought the house back to where it needed to be. They also did a massive excavation to help with surface drainage and slope Stabilization. Happy we were able to work with absolute to save this beautiful home.

    EZ Executive | February 2019

    Originally we hired another foundation contractor, only to find out the warranty they offered wasn’t any good. Absolute helped us lift a home after dealing with a difficult situation. They help us stay in our original budget and reasonable timeline. They always finish the last detail as new concrete is poured and finished after piers are placed and the home is lifted.

    Enlighten LLC | February 2020

    Waterproofing Basement Walls Salt Lake City

    Make Sure Waterproofing Basement Walls is On Your Renovation List

    Renovating a home is an excellent step for many people but can become a problem if you don’t perform the proper steps. For example, you have to do something about the water getting into your basement. Thankfully, waterproofing basement walls in Salt Lake City, Utah can provide you with the help that you need to avoid severe water contamination. As a result, any home renovation project you start should include contacting us at Absolute Foundation Repair right away to learn more and to schedule an inspection appointment for your problematic water issues in your basement.

    Know Why This Process is Important

    When you’re renovating your home, you have to consider waterproofing basement walls as an essential item. Even if you don’t get to it first on your list, you still need to make sure that you pay attention to this process in your home. Doing so is critical because of the many benefits that it provides you, your home, and your family when you do it properly. These advantages are too numerous to list in full.

    First of all, waterproofing helps to make it easier to finish your basement and make it a place to hang out. This option is a good one if you want a place for your children to hang out or want a space where you can watch TV, work on art, or perform music. Waterproofing also helps to keep this room free from damage, stops foundation problems, and keeps a home as secure as possible against damage.

    Just as importantly, waterproofing also stops mold from spreading throughout a house. Mold, mildew, and other types of growth often become a dangerous problem if they are allowed to spread rapidly. By waterproofing your walls in the basement, you ensure that you avoid this problem and keep your family and yourself safe from allergic reactions, mold inhalation, and damage caused to your house structure.

    The First Steps in the Process

    Waterproofing basement walls almost always start by checking for the source of the water. This step is usually pretty easy to do because you should find water flowing through the cracks and breaks throughout the walls. Though the water may not flow slowly or quickly, moist spots or areas where you see water dribbling are all sources of water that need to be adequately addressed and fixed in a home.

    Good places to start looking include along the cracks near your window’s sides. This area is often a familiar spot for water invasion and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. You can also check between mortar joints in cement walls, around your pipes, or anywhere near your water connections. These areas are usually a common source of water problems and need to be fixed to protect your home.

    Thankfully, a proper waterproofing helps to address all of these problems in a myriad of ways. These techniques are things that we will discuss later on in this article as a way of giving you a better insight into what to expect. By following these methods and the tips that we have described below, you can ensure that you get the best results and protect your home from real water issues for years to come.

    Remove Water First

    The next step when waterproofing basement walls is to remove any water that may be lingering in the basement. This step may seem obvious, but many homeowners don’t take it and end up making a lot of mistakes. First of all, working with power tools or any items while water is in your basement is very dangerous and could cause an electrical shock that could put you at serious health risks.

    Even worse, water could get into any of the materials that you’re using to fix your basement and could cause damage to the tools and the elements. When this happens, you can anticipate issues with your repairs that make them less effective. As a result, it is critical to use a type of utility or sump pump to get rid of this water and to ensure that your home stays in great shape for years to come.

    Once the water is out of the basement, you can begin the waterproofing process. You should probably start reasonably quickly to prevent water from getting into your home again. However, it would help if you also waited until the floor is completely dry before you begin. Put fans down on the floor to evaporate the water more quickly. You may also want to use towels to wipe away any stray water that lingers after removal.

    Choose a Method That Works for You

    Lastly, when waterproofing basement walls, you need to choose methods that work for your needs. Thankfully, there are many different choices that you can make here. For example, some people use interior – or negative side – sealing to clear up problems with cracks, water flow, and other issues. Doing so helps to ensure that your walls are as protected as possible from water damage.

    However, you may also want to do exterior – or positive side – repairs as well. These focus on protecting the outside of the wall from water and do much more to keep water away from a home. Anticipate fixes to your gutters, new slopes to the ground around your home, and even excavation to install trenches or piers that help to support your waterproofing and enhance foundation strength.

    These methods can be done together to waterproof your home thoroughly. However, they are often quite pricey when done at the same time. Often, interior sealant options are an excellent choice for a temporary fix before you invest in positive side fixes. Doing so can help to ensure that your walls are as secure as possible and keep water from severely damaging your home in any other way.

    You Need to Take This Step

    Even if you don’t have water in your basement or rarely run into this type of flooding, you still need to consider waterproofing basement walls in Salt Lake City, Utah to ensure that you protect your home. This process is one that should only be done by professionals, as well, to ensure that you get the best results and to keep your home protected from the dangers of severe errors. So please contact us at Absolute Foundation Repair today to get the help necessary to keep your home safe.

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