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    Absolute Foundation Repair is a family owned business, where construction services go back three generations. For decades, the McCormick family have been helping homeowners with excavation, utility services, storm water solutions and drainage. Working closely with homeowners over the years, we recognized many were in need of permanent foundation repair solutions. That’s where Absolute Foundation Repair began and continues to help homeowners.

    At Absolute Foundation Repair, we realize it is frustrating and stressful having to deal with a foundation that needs repairs. We work one on one with you to evaluate and find an affordable solution to your foundation problems. We work hard for our customers. We are honest and upfront about all costs and time involved in repairing your foundation. We will be there when we say we are going to be there. We do the job right the first time with integrity and professionalism.

    We use the latest technologies from level surveying, geotechnical soil sampling and engineered pier installation and placement. At Absolute Foundation Repair, our priority is making sure our customers are taken care of. We use the best foundation repair systems on the market. Griptite products have been around for over 95 years. These products are expertly engineered to solve problems related to settling foundations. The pier systems comply with international building codes and come with a 25 year manufacturers warranty. Our repair technicians are Griptite certified installers. We are proud to offer a product backed by years of stability and technology.

    We are here to help you move forward in making a custom repair plan that prevents further damage from occurring. As our homes are one of our greatest investments, we offer you peace of mind as we work together in finding affordable, permanent solutions.


    Our home had water in the basement and problems with cracking sheet rock. We had multiple foundation contractors give us bids in repairing and fixing our foundation. All wanting to go with push piers. Absolute foundation repair suggested soil sampling before moving forward. So glad we had the sampling done. It showed we had heaving soil’s and push peers wasn’t the solution. This saved us thousands of dollars as we were able to fix our home on our own. Dusty helped us by loaning us needed equipment to make some of the repairs. We appreciated his honesty and finding the best way to repair our home.

    Michelle Richens | June 2019

    What a remarkable company! The professionals at Absolute Foundation Repair were able to diagnose not only the problem with my foundation but also problems with both my plumbing and HVAC systems (problems three different plumbers mis-diagnosed). These gentlemen really know their stuff! They were prompt, efficient, courteous, thorough, and honest. I wouldn’t dream of hiring a different team of foundation specialists. I immediately put them on my list of go-to repair professionals, and you should too!

    Meg Sherman | March 2021

    We have a beautiful new home that has had some settling issues. Dusty, Dace, and Josh have helped us through this process, one step at a time. They were willing to drive a pier to give us an idea of how far down bedrock was. This helped us know we were on target with approximate depths. Dusty talked with us about options and helped us stay within our budget. Josh and Dace were considerate during the time our family was home. They kept spaces clean and worked hard. I would definitely recommend absolute foundation repair!

    Glenns | March 2020

    Absolute helped us with a 7 inch lift and stabilization on a home with a full basement. We had a wet winter and spring. They were able to be resourceful and continue working throughout the bad weather. This home had settled because of bad drainage. They were able to come up with a plan to excavate and re-design the landscaping so water will no longer end up around the house.

    EZ Executive | March-April 2019

    Absolute foundation repair has helped us with three unique projects. Each with specific challenges. The first home they helped us with was in bad shape. It required a 9 inch lift and had lots of interior damage. They did the lift and brought the house back to where it needed to be. They also did a massive excavation to help with surface drainage and slope Stabilization. Happy we were able to work with absolute to save this beautiful home.

    EZ Executive | February 2019

    Originally we hired another foundation contractor, only to find out the warranty they offered wasn’t any good. Absolute helped us lift a home after dealing with a difficult situation. They help us stay in our original budget and reasonable timeline. They always finish the last detail as new concrete is poured and finished after piers are placed and the home is lifted.

    Enlighten LLC | February 2020

    Basement Leak Repair Salt Lake City

    What to Expect During Basement Leak Repair Projects

    Basement leak repair is a step that needs to be taken quickly but carefully. The process can seem mysterious until you get to know it intimately. Most of these repairs are quite simple to understand because waterproofing isn’t that complex when it is broken down into its component elements.

    That said, you still need to contact us at Absolute Foundation Repair before you get started to learn more. Our professionals have years of experience and will do what it takes to ensure that your home is protected from severe leaks for good. Doing so is wise for so many different reasons.

    Lots of Digging

    Basement leak repairs often start by trying to track down where the leak started in the home. Remember: holes have both interior and exterior causes. So if you find that there is a crack inside of your basement that may be causing the hole, there is also an influence on the outside doing so as well. Usually, this influence is a crack on the outside that has spread to become even more extensive.

    As a result, you’ll need to dig around the perimeter of your basement to find these problems. Typically, you’ll be boring all the way down to the foundation. That’s because problems can start anywhere along the path and often occur when the homes shift on top of the foundation. Therefore, it is critical to identify where any other issues may have developed and to track them to their source.

    Just as importantly, digging around a house also helps to prepare your home for any treatment method that your foundation experts may want to perform. That’s because many exteriors – or positive side – repairs work by identifying problems here and fixing them as they develop. By going through this process and spotting problems as they grow, it is possible to ensure that your home doesn’t run into any more issues. And don’t forget – waterproofing doesn’t just take on one process but includes many treatment options to maximize the success level of your specific needs.

    Mold and Other Growths

    When going through the basement leak repair process, you’re going to find yourself running into quite a few unpleasant situations. That’s because mold is a prevalent issue in wet basements and can spread and become an annoying and frustrating problem without warning. Mold is not just gross – it can cause structural issues to your home and health problems in you and your family.

    That’s because mold retains water that can eat away at the surface of any item on which it grows. Even worse, it may have some minor destructive capabilities that eat even further into your home and cause a further spread of damage. That problem, combined with the allergic reactions some mold causes – and some black mold’s toxic nature – makes it necessary to be very careful during this process.

    Usually, you’re going to want to wear a mask whenever you work near mold. You may also want to hire a professional to remove the mold for you first before you start the repair process. Though you may be able to remove some mold on your own without the help of professionals, you are also more likely to cause damage to your home and inhale mold spores – problems that could seriously affect you in many ways.

    Repair Processes to Anticipate

    Next, you need to know what processes are typically done during a basement leak repair. Thechoices here often vary depending on the severity of your leaks and how much repair needs to be done. Some fixes may take only a handful of minutes, while others are more complex. That said, you usually perform the same series of steps during most leak repairs to keep your basement water-free.

    For example, you’ll have to apply a coat of sealant to all of your walls to keep them protected. Many different options are available here. Some prefer cement sealants because they are easy to apply and can be covered with other items. However, there are other options for you to choose from if you want. Talk to your repair specialist to decide which is ultimately the best for your needs.

    Next, you need to apply a dense waterproofing membrane that goes over the surface of your cement sealant to provide an extra level of protection. This membrane also requires the use of a drainage mat with molded dimples. All of these steps help to keep water out of a home but may also require a similar process on the outside. These repairs typically require professionals because you’ll need excavation equipment to do them correctly.

    Mistakes to Avoid When Repairing a Basement

    While leak repair isn’t necessarily that complicated on the surface, there are common mistakes that some homeowners make when fixing up their homes. These issues can complicate the process and make it harder to finish, especially if you don’t have the skills necessary to repair them on your own. As a result, it is critical to know what you shouldn’t be doing to keep your basement correctly protected.

    For example, no basement repair should start by using tar to fix the leaks. Though tar seems like it would be a good option, it simply does not have the protective level necessary. After a few years, tar will get brittle and start to crack away from the basement walls. As a result, your waterproofing will fail and cause moisture to spread throughout your basement when you least expect it.

    Plastic is also not a good idea for waterproofing walls. Though it may seem strong against water, it does eventually wear down under pressure. Even worse, the sides holding down the plastic are more likely to fail because they lack adhesive strength. Though plastic may be useful as a temporary leak stopper, you need to replace it once you do more serious and long-lasting repair techniques.

    Lastly, try to keep limestone out of your exterior filling area after you fix a basement leak. There are a few reasons why you should avoid this material. While it might be cheap and seem like it protects against water, it ultimately clogs up drain fields and causes other issues that make it no suitable for this process. Therefore, you should use gravel instead to get the best results possible for your home.

    Keeping Your Home Safe From Water

    As you can see, getting basement leak repair in Salt Lake City, Utah is by no means a difficult task. But it is one that must be done correctly to avoid complications. So if you want to keep your house safe from these issues, please contact us at Absolute Foundation Repair right away to learn more. Our experts have years of experience working in this field. And they also know how to perform many types of waterproofing and leak-repair techniques that will keep your home stable and secure.

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