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    We do the job right the first time with integrity & professionalism

    Absolute Foundation Repair is a family owned business, where construction services go back three generations. For decades, the McCormick family have been helping homeowners with excavation, utility services, storm water solutions and drainage. Working closely with homeowners over the years, we recognized many were in need of permanent foundation repair solutions. That’s where Absolute Foundation Repair began and continues to help homeowners.

    At Absolute Foundation Repair, we realize it is frustrating and stressful having to deal with a foundation that needs repairs. We work one on one with you to evaluate and find an affordable solution to your foundation problems. We work hard for our customers. We are honest and upfront about all costs and time involved in repairing your foundation. We will be there when we say we are going to be there. We do the job right the first time with integrity and professionalism.

    We use the latest technologies from level surveying, geotechnical soil sampling and engineered pier installation and placement. At Absolute Foundation Repair, our priority is making sure our customers are taken care of. We use the best foundation repair systems on the market. Griptite products have been around for over 95 years. These products are expertly engineered to solve problems related to settling foundations. The pier systems comply with international building codes and come with a 25 year manufacturers warranty. Our repair technicians are Griptite certified installers. We are proud to offer a product backed by years of stability and technology.

    We are here to help you move forward in making a custom repair plan that prevents further damage from occurring. As our homes are one of our greatest investments, we offer you peace of mind as we work together in finding affordable, permanent solutions.


    Our home had water in the basement and problems with cracking sheet rock. We had multiple foundation contractors give us bids in repairing and fixing our foundation. All wanting to go with push piers. Absolute foundation repair suggested soil sampling before moving forward. So glad we had the sampling done. It showed we had heaving soil’s and push peers wasn’t the solution. This saved us thousands of dollars as we were able to fix our home on our own. Dusty helped us by loaning us needed equipment to make some of the repairs. We appreciated his honesty and finding the best way to repair our home.

    Michelle Richens | June 2019

    What a remarkable company! The professionals at Absolute Foundation Repair were able to diagnose not only the problem with my foundation but also problems with both my plumbing and HVAC systems (problems three different plumbers mis-diagnosed). These gentlemen really know their stuff! They were prompt, efficient, courteous, thorough, and honest. I wouldn’t dream of hiring a different team of foundation specialists. I immediately put them on my list of go-to repair professionals, and you should too!

    Meg Sherman | March 2021

    We have a beautiful new home that has had some settling issues. Dusty, Dace, and Josh have helped us through this process, one step at a time. They were willing to drive a pier to give us an idea of how far down bedrock was. This helped us know we were on target with approximate depths. Dusty talked with us about options and helped us stay within our budget. Josh and Dace were considerate during the time our family was home. They kept spaces clean and worked hard. I would definitely recommend absolute foundation repair!

    Glenns | March 2020

    Absolute helped us with a 7 inch lift and stabilization on a home with a full basement. We had a wet winter and spring. They were able to be resourceful and continue working throughout the bad weather. This home had settled because of bad drainage. They were able to come up with a plan to excavate and re-design the landscaping so water will no longer end up around the house.

    EZ Executive | March-April 2019

    Absolute foundation repair has helped us with three unique projects. Each with specific challenges. The first home they helped us with was in bad shape. It required a 9 inch lift and had lots of interior damage. They did the lift and brought the house back to where it needed to be. They also did a massive excavation to help with surface drainage and slope Stabilization. Happy we were able to work with absolute to save this beautiful home.

    EZ Executive | February 2019

    Originally we hired another foundation contractor, only to find out the warranty they offered wasn’t any good. Absolute helped us lift a home after dealing with a difficult situation. They help us stay in our original budget and reasonable timeline. They always finish the last detail as new concrete is poured and finished after piers are placed and the home is lifted.

    Enlighten LLC | February 2020

    House Foundation Repair Salt Lake City

    What Problems Make House Foundation Repair Necessary?

    The foundation of the home serves as a base on which the rest of the house is built. Without a strong support, your home will start to get damaged and experience a lot of serious problems. But what kind of issues cause a foundation to sink? That’s what we at Absolute Foundation Repair are here to tell you. The best house foundation repair in Salt Lake City, Utah starts by understanding these common issues.

    Clay-Heavy Soils

    Although clay is a stable soil in many ways, it also has a lot of problems that may make house foundation repair necessary. First of all, this type of earth does not let water pass through its surface. As a result, any home built on clay will experience high levels of water around their foundation and other areas of the house. This problem can lead to water eating away at the concrete and other areas of the home.

    Clay also tends to react to temperature changes more heavily than other soils. As a result, they may expand and contract unexpectedly as the seasons change. All of this shift will move the ground around your home up and down and could cause severe damage. Therefore, it is essential to call a professional to check the clay level of your soil to see if this problem is affecting you.

    If they find that you have heavy clay soil content around your foundation, they need to replace that soil with stronger and more capable replacement dirt. This process is one that is not easy or inexpensive. However, it must be done to protect your home, or else you’re going to see your foundation get damaged more and more and need help from repair experts more often than you probably would have thought.

    Poor Soil Compaction

    So, what if your soil isn’t filled with clay, but you still have foundation problems? Well, your soil may be poorly or improperly compacted. This problem occurs when the home builders and foundation experts didn’t take the time to prepare and compact the soil properly. As a result, it is much looser than necessary and may move around a lot near your foundation. Likewise, the land may simply have gotten loose naturally over the years.

    Whatever the problem, you need professional house foundation repair to manage this problem. This process will be a bit less involved than replacing clay. In essence, you will have to find somebody who can compact the soil using a variety of different tools. These compaction devices will work to keep the soil denser, prevent shifting of the ground, and keep your home and foundation as safe as possible.

    Likewise, these experts may also be necessary to fix any cracks that may have resulted due to the shifting soil in the first place. The damage may be quite small – mainly if you catch it quickly. However, the average pressure standard on any foundation can trigger spreading cracks, even if you otherwise compact your soil. Therefore, immediate repair is an absolute necessity.

    Plumbing Leaks

    One issue that you may not immediately consider when debating house foundation repair is the possibility of a plumbing leak. This problem often occurs and can be quite surprising when it does. For example, you may find that a minor and unexpected leak under your home compromises the strength of the soil under your home. When this happens, the house and foundation may begin to shift.

    As you might expect, this problem is a rather complex one. First of all, you’ll need to get the plumbing problem located and fixed. Once that is done, the water underneath of the house will gradually soak throughout the soil and disappear. However, the damage to the land may need to be repaired to ensure that your foundation is strong. That kind of repair can be quite costly and hard to execute.

    As a result, many foundation specialists will instead install extra support piers around the damaged soil to prop up the foundation. Though this process is more straightforward than digging up the ground underneath of the house, it will still take a while to finish. However, the installation of these piers is still a much simpler and very effective way to ensure that your home’s foundation doesn’t shift over water-damaged soil.

    Tree Roots

    Lastly, there may be a chance that tree roots are affecting your foundation. House foundation repair professionals see this situation all the time in rural areas. Tree roots have a fantastic ability to grow for hundreds of feet beyond their initial base. As they grow, they can expand and displace dirt or put pressure on areas of a home. You can probably imagine why this is such a problem with a home’s foundation.

    For example, roots may work their way underneath the house and displace the supporting soil. As this happens, the foundation is likely to shift and become more unstable for the home. Sadly, this can easily result in various cracks and other problems throughout a home. And if the root ends up pressing against the foundation, its slow and inevitable growth can cause surprising damage that may spread out throughout from the impact site and cause cracks, structural weaknesses, and other concerns that may affect the overall strength of your foundation.

    Thankfully, this process isn’t as hard as others. A small wall can be built around the home’s foundation to redirect the tree roots. This underground wall will go quite deep to ensure that the roots cannot work beneath it. Root and tree removal may also be necessary, though many people would prefer to keep their trees because of their many benefits. The decision is ultimately up to you in this situation.

    Don’t Neglect Your Home’s Needs

    As you can see, the best house foundation repair in Salt Lake City, Utah can protect your house in ways that other repair methods cannot. There is nothing more important than making sure that your home has a strong base, one that resists damage and keeps you protected and safe. Therefore, it is critical to reach out to us at Absolute Foundation Repair to learn more about your options. Our experts will do what it takes to get your home looking great and get your foundation in great shape once again.

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