Basement Floods This Spring? Consider Waterproofing.

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When it comes to home repair processes, many people may not consider the benefits of basement waterproofing in Salt Lake City, Utah. This mistake is one that can cost people good money by forcing them to do repairs after floods occur in their basement. As a result, it is typically a good idea to understand how waterproofing helps to protect your home and your basement from floods. Doing so can ensure that you don’t end up suffering from severe damage when you can least afford it.

How Poor Sealing Causes Flooding

Although there are many different causes for flooding in a home, poor basement waterproofing or sealing is probably the most common. That’s because this issue is something that people don’t often consider and rarely take the time to address. Some may ignore this process because they lack a finished basement or because they don’t have the time or money to spend on sealing up their basement.

Unfortunately, poor sealing will leave cracks in your basement walls that will expand as water flows through the ground outside your house. Though it may not seem immediately apparent, there is a lot of water in the soil outside of your home, particularly during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. As this water flows, it will end up pressing against your basement walls, breaking down your sealant, and flowing into it to cause a myriad of different flooding situations.

When this happens, water will flow and flood into your basement and spread rampantly in frustrating ways. For example, water in the basement can attract mold, pests, and other types of damage to spread wildly and in unpredictable ways. Even worse, this type of water can wear away the surface of your basement floor and also cause damage to your foundation. Therefore, it is critical for those in this situation to make sure that they waterproof their basement in a way that protects their home and their investment. Though it isn’t inexpensive, it ultimately saves you real money.

Ways Waterproofing Helps

When you get basement waterproofing for your home, you are protecting it from the spread of various types of water damage. Typically, waterproofing takes several steps that protect your home. These include assessing the range of water damage throughout your basement. Once these professionals have an idea of where this damage originated, they can also figure out where floods flow into your basement an come up with a solution that helps to manage these problems.

For example, some repairs may include adding various types of materials to the interior and exterior of your basement. These include different types of waterproof elements that stop water from flowing into your home and affecting your basement and your foundation. However, waterproofing also focuses on the exterior by creating a unique channel that can direct water away from the soil around your home and give you the best chance of managing this common issue without much difficulty.

Just as importantly, waterproofing can give you the peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about water flowing into your home. That’s because this process also utilizes other steps that you may not expect, such as changing the slope of your yard, improving your gutters, and also enhancing the strength and protection of your home’s siding and roofing. These steps are critical because they help to stop water flow throughout the rest of your home. In this way, you can create a coherent and consistent level of waterproofing that ensures every area of the house is protected and safe from water.

Other Benefits of This Process

If you are considering basement waterproofing for your home or business, there are many different benefits that you receive when you get this process. First of all, you can decrease your insurance claims significantly when you get waterproofed basements. That’s because you won’t suffer nearly as much water damage, which accounts for about 20 percent of all insurance claims made by homeowners.

Just as importantly, many insurance companies will decrease your rates if you take steps that they appreciate. For example, waterproofing a basement is something that most companies want all of their policyholders to do. And if you take these steps, they may massively decrease your premiums and provide you with the help that you need to keep your insurance rates healthy and secure for years to come.

Next, they can also help to create a healthier home environment by keeping water out of your home and stopping mold growth and the spread of various pests throughout your house. These dangerous growths and animals can not only cause respiratory problems but may bring other diseases into your home. By working with these experts, it is possible to keep your house stable and secure for years to come.

And what if you have a finished basement where you like to spend a lot of your time? Well, your heating and cooling costs will go down significantly if you consider this type of process. That’s because you’ll lose a lot of hot and cold air from a basement if it is not sealed correctly. Thankfully, a basement waterproofing also helps to insulate this part of the home more fully and prevents many issues from occurring.

Furthermore, this step also helps to protect other elements of your basement as well. For example, waterproofing helps to keep water out of your sump pump, which keeps it healthier for years longer. Just as importantly, it can also protect your floor from damage, which can quite easily spread when a basement doesn’t have the proper waterproof process applied to its walls and floor.

Lastly, adding this process to your home also helps to enhance its structural strength by protecting it from various types of common damage. You’ll not only keep it from getting damaged by water but also protect joints and edges from excessive water and prevent expansion and other difficulties. This step will help to make your basement a more relaxing and comfortable place for you and others to hang out.

Get the Protection That You Need

As you can see, basement waterproofing in Salt Lake City, Utah is an essential process for many homeowners. Taking this step will give you a myriad of surprising benefits that can help transform your home, save you money, and make it a safer and healthier place to live. So if you’re interested in this process and want the best professional that your money can buy, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Absolute Foundation Repair. We have years of experience and understand this process very well.

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